Definition of tungsten carbide in English:

tungsten carbide


  • A very hard gray compound made by reaction of tungsten and carbon at high temperatures, used in making engineering dies, cutting and drilling tools, etc.

    Chemical formula: WC; some forms also contain W₂C

    ‘The performance of rotary cutting tools is determined by tool geometry, tungsten carbide and wear resisting coating.’
    • ‘A saw is one of the most useful items to incorporate in a multi tool, and this tungsten carbide abrasive blade will cut nearly anything.’
    • ‘This burner's made of a refractory material called tungsten carbide.’
    • ‘Tool materials may be high-speed steel, cast alloy, or tungsten carbide.’
    • ‘He breathed in tungsten carbide dust while milling and grinding tools and cleaning out hoppers.’
    • ‘Stainless steel nozzles and nozzles having tungsten carbide orifices are more resistant to wear.’
    • ‘For stubborn small pieces that should be even smaller, a set of tile-cutting pliers with tungsten carbide chisel tips will do very nicely.’
    • ‘It was washed in water and ground to a coarse powder in a tungsten carbide ball mill.’
    • ‘The other feature is a spring loaded striker with a tungsten carbide tip designed to shatter safety glass.’


tungsten carbide

/ˈtəNGstən ˈkärˌbīd/ /ˈtəŋstən ˈkɑrˌbaɪd/