Definition of turbary in English:


(also common of turbary)


mass noun
  • 1British The legal right to cut turf or peat for fuel on common ground or on another person's ground.

    • ‘The profit of turbary is the right to cut turf or peat, usually in order to burn it.’
    • ‘Many bog owners and people with turbary rights cut turf on an acre plot.’
    • ‘Typical rights might include turbary or grazing rights.’
    • ‘Public notices also warned against the letting of gardens or turbary to the police.’
    • ‘People with turbary rights can sell peat at 85% of these prices.’
    1. 1.1count noun A place where turf or peat is dug or cut under the right of turbary.
      ‘The peat produced in these turbaries was sometimes used within the manor or priory, but a large proportion was sold.’
      ‘Turf banks and turbaries are held under all sorts of conditions.’


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French turberie, from Old French tourbe ‘turf’.