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  • A supercharger driven by a turbine powered by the engine's exhaust gases.

    ‘The most impressive feature on this very popular package is the new four-cylinder 16 valve Direct Injection Diesel engine fitted with a turbocharger and intercooler.’
    • ‘Thanks to a turbocharger, maximum power is boosted to 82 bhp and the car has super-lively performance.’
    • ‘We are implementing a new turbocharger and exhaust manifold as well as other components of the anti-lag system.’
    • ‘To tell you there is a turbocharger driving the engine, there is a turbo gauge on the dash, to the right of the speedometer.’
    • ‘Typically, diesels employ turbochargers and charge air coolers to increase engine power and fuel economy.’
    • ‘Due to its electric drive, it is completely independent from the turbocharger and the thermal energy of the exhaust gasses.’
    • ‘Like a turbocharger, a supercharger is under boost only 5% to 10% of the time.’
    • ‘During acceleration, the electric motor acts like a turbocharger, helping the 4-cylinder engine crank out almost as much power as a V6.’
    • ‘Furthermore, advances in petrol-engine technology, such as improved turbochargers, make diesels even more likely to be sidelined.’
    • ‘The turbocharger has a twin-scroll design and is fed by two exhaust ducts, one from each cylinder banks.’
    • ‘The roar of engines, the whine of turbochargers and the thumping of subwoofer-packed boots transformed the normally quiet Northbourne Avenue into a symphony of high performance heaven during the festival.’
    • ‘At low engine speeds, the smaller turbocharger does the work and delivers 95 per cent of the available torque at just 1,500 rpm.’
    • ‘This engine will gain a variable-geometry turbocharger later, which will boost outputs and improve low-speed response.’
    • ‘The variable-geometry turbocharger ensures plenty of compression when needed.’
    • ‘The centrifugal housing is shaped similarly to a turbocharger, and it also uses an impeller (similar to a turbo) to draw in air and direct it to the housing.’
    • ‘This is a new three-cylinder direct injection model using the Bosch pump injector system combined with turbocharger and intercooler.’
    • ‘We have tuning distributors around the country and by working together we can supply our customers with unique specification turbochargers based on their exacting requirements.’
    • ‘Dotty took a 1958 Ford Prefect, slapped three turbochargers on it, filled it with high-octane fuel and gave it to a 17-year old who crashed it.’



/ˈtərbōˌCHärjər/ /ˈtərboʊˌtʃɑrdʒər/