Definition of turkey oak in English:

turkey oak

Pronunciation /ˈtərkē ōk/ /ˈtərki oʊk/


  • A small oak of the coastal plains of the southeastern US, with leathery three-lobed leaves shaped like the outline of a turkey track.

    Quercus laevis, family Fagaceae

    ‘In the northeastern part of the area is a sand ridge supporting a turkey oak.’
    • ‘Myrtle oak, turkey oak, and Chapman oak are often so densely spaced that few other plants can grow beneath them.’
    • ‘Our hospital has, since its foundation, had as its symbol the turkey oak that was in its grounds.’
    • ‘The canopy of the woodland is dominated by oak and ash but, in the 19th century, more exotic species - such as sweet chestnut, lime and turkey oak were introduced.’
    • ‘While the understory growth of bluejack and turkey oak may be thinned, layers and layers of avian understory abound in these airy halls.’