Definition of turkey shoot in English:

turkey shoot


informal North American
  • A situation, typically in a war, in which one side has an overwhelming advantage.

    ‘a high-tech turkey shoot rather than a war’
    • ‘There's no air defense, It's simply a turkey shoot.’
    • ‘We'd drive up to this clearing and it would be, well, a turkey shoot.’
    • ‘This is going to be a turkey shoot.’
    • ‘There was a turkey shoot.’
    • ‘‘It's a turkey shoot,’ claims one gleeful soldier.’
    • ‘In truth, the four and a half mile ordeal is more like a turkey shoot.’
    • ‘The enemy troops are basically dumb, turning a lot of the firefights into turkey shoots.’
    • ‘Single player games, while strangely entertaining, end up being little more than turkey shoots.’


turkey shoot

/ˈtərki ʃut/