Definition of turkey vulture in English:

turkey vulture


  • A common American vulture with black plumage and a bare red head.

    Cathartes aura, family Cathartidae

    ‘For youngsters, there will be the opportunity to meet various birds of prey, including Simba the kestrel and George the turkey vulture.’
    • ‘The turkey vulture flew over our house and landed on the neighbor's yard where it stayed for minutes fighting off two crows.’
    • ‘The turkey vulture is not the only opportunist circling in the roasting sun of the Chihuahuan desert for valuable quarry.’
    • ‘One day, when a turkey vulture appeared far overhead, Duke ran him off, staying on the scavenger's tail till both birds were out of sight.’
    • ‘Each turkey vulture, like every cloud, has its silver lining.’
    • ‘A few birds remain, notably an animitronic turkey vulture lurking in a corner.’
    • ‘A turkey vulture is a slow pinwheel in the sky, a marker above Cather's prairie.’
    • ‘George the turkey vulture was one of the star attractions at a birds of prey show at Turton Tower.’
    • ‘I looked across the cockpit and saw a large turkey vulture dive for cover.’
    • ‘Images from night-vision video cameras identified bears, foxes, turkey vultures, wolves, bald eagles, and others at the plots.’
    • ‘The plumage of zone-tailed hawks looks similar to turkey vultures.’
    • ‘Red-tailed hawks and turkey vultures circled above us in a blue sky.’
    • ‘Unlike turkey vultures, which eat carcasses and rarely attack livestock, black vultures will go after piglets, sheep and cows as well as dead animals.’
    • ‘The turkey vultures have come to eat us again’
    • ‘The developers are waiting like the ubiquitous turkey vultures to get approval for their plans to convert all our open space into housing.’


turkey vulture

/ˈtərkē ˈvəlCHər/ /ˈtərki ˈvəltʃər/