Definition of Turkish delight in English:

Turkish delight

Pronunciation /ˌtərkɪʃ dəˈlaɪt/

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  • A gelatinous sweet confection traditionally made of syrup and cornflour, dusted with icing sugar.

    ‘Home-made Turkish delight is a little softer than most of the bought varieties and just melts in your mouth.’
    • ‘Ali Baba has pizza on its takeout menu, but its heart and soul is pure Turkish delight; a taste of Trinidad in the heart of Bed Stuy.’
    • ‘She has taken 6,000 small cubes of Turkish delight in different colours, and pinched them with short sticks on a styrofoam board, that way creating a splendid mosaic.’
    • ‘Turkey is a whirling dervish of spicy Near Eastern culture, with as many experiences on offer as there are varieties of Turkish delight.’
    • ‘89 years after it's invention, the Juicy Frys Turkish delight is, these days, made by Cadbury.’
    • ‘It is barely dawn and the sky is as pink as Turkish delight.’
    • ‘Spread a layer of icing sugar on a flat surface and turn the Turkish delight on to it.’