Definition of turn back the clock in English:

turn back the clock


(also put back the clock)
  • Return to the past or to a previous way of doing things.

    ‘we can't turn the clock back—what's happened has happened’
    • ‘no revolution can turn the clock back and abolish industry’
    • ‘She wishes she could turn back the clock and return to the innocence of childhhood.’
    • ‘Inspired by Strauss's hatred for liberal modernity, its goal is to turn back the clock on the liberal revolution and its achievements.’
    • ‘They want basically to run out the clock on the ground and to turn back the clock on the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘This does not imply turning back the clock, or reimposing the social constraints of the past.’
    • ‘At a leisurely lunch in New York's romantic Cafe des Artistes, customers were quick to credit red wine with turning back the clock.’
    • ‘‘We're not in the business of turning back the clock,’ he says.’
    • ‘As time runs out for Livingston, others are turning back the clock.’
    • ‘The cows are coming home to Horton-in-Ribblesdale, turning back the clock 40 years.’
    • ‘Now his music-loving supporters are flocking to his new venture in which he is turning back the clock.’
    • ‘I'm not saying we should turn the clock back 50 or 60 years.’