Definition of turn into in English:

turn into

phrasal verb

  • 1turn into someone or somethingBe transformed into or become a particular kind of thing or person.

    ‘the slight drizzle turned into a downpour’
    • ‘that dream turned into a nightmare’
    • ‘in the next instant he turned into a tiny mouse’
    • ‘In some respects, the trend toward greater tolerance has turned into a floodtide.’
    • ‘The same situation in Angola, the two Congos, also in Cameroon, cinemas are turning into casinos.’
    • ‘The building which housed Britain's first ten-pin bowling alley was set to be turned into a family home.’
    • ‘The city is closed down so their little jaunt to New York has turned into a nightmare.’
    • ‘Persons with an alcoholic relative are more at risk of turning into addicts.’
    • ‘The pack journalism of Super Bowl week always has the potential to turn into a giant game of telephone.’
    • ‘Then she stares at the stranger, her puzzled expression swiftly turning into shock.’
    • ‘Problems are glossed over, or turned into jokes.’
    • ‘Taormina, once a lonely place, full of beauty, had turned into a friendly place, full of beauty.’
    • ‘In Vietnamese hands, the clear-eyed skepticism turned into willing credulousness.’
    1. 1.1turn someone or something into someone or somethingTransform someone or something into a particular kind of thing or person.
      ‘the town was turned into a thriving seaside destination’
      • ‘every single good children's book has been turned into a feature-length cartoon’