Definition of turn off in English:

turn off

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phrasal verb

  • 1turn something off, turn off somethingStop the operation or flow of something by means of a valve, switch, or button.

    ‘remember to turn off the gas’
    • ‘He pressed the stop button and turned the music off, apologizing.’
    • ‘She jabbed at the button to turn the alarm off, and it stopped its absurd shrieking.’
    • ‘I just stopped long enough to turn the gas off at the mains and then got out.’
    • ‘Its neatest feature is a little button that turns the wireless card off and on, so that it doesn't suck power when you're not using it.’
    • ‘You'd need to press the ‘start’ button to turn the engine off.’
    • ‘The radio alarm clock goes off at five sharp, and of course I can't find the button to turn it off.’
    • ‘The second button turns it off.’
    • ‘He found the remote with one hand and pressed a button, turning it off.’
    • ‘She hit the send button, then turned her computer off and went for a walk.’
    • ‘Hastily, he hit a button to turn the pager off.’
    turn off, shut off, flick off, stop working, cut, power down, stop, halt, deactivate
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  • 2also turn off somethingLeave one road in order to join another.

    ‘they turned off the main road’
    • ‘we turned off to the right’
    • ‘At the point we had to turn off the main road north.’
    • ‘He was later told to turn off the main road and ended up on a dirt track.’
    • ‘I turned off the main road, and took the short cut through the woods.’
    • ‘The cowboy stabs sideways with his finger, indicating he's turning off just up the road.’
    • ‘I'm heading into Weybridge and just turning off the river road to swing round in front of The Minnow.’
    • ‘When Simon turned off Bradford Road into a housing estate, PC Jones lost sight of him.’
    • ‘I got back in the car, turned around and went back to the road I'd just turned off.’
    • ‘He said he watched as the boy racer turned off down another road then suddenly he saw Miss Concannon.’
    • ‘Josh turns off onto a quiet road, pulling over on the shoulder.’
    • ‘He was turning off of the road that leads to our house and a drunk driver collided into the side of his car.’
    leave, branch off
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  • 3turn someone off, turn off someoneinformal Cause someone to feel bored, disgusted, or sexually repelled.

    • ‘the idea just turns me off’
    • ‘She was turned off by the overtly sexual messages of most of the men who wrote to her.’
    • ‘Like many other people, I was turned off.’
    • ‘If the idea of wearing big shapes turns you off, indulge in big accessories instead.’
    • ‘Some of you will be turned off by this whole discussion.’
    • ‘If you are turned off by exercise or are adamant that there is no time in your schedule to seek professional help or join a class, there are adjustments you can make to improve your back.’
    • ‘If that kind of music turns you off then this is not likely for you.’
    • ‘The reality turns you off.’
    • ‘I don't know what it is particularly that turns me off so much.’
    • ‘The terminology for this turns me off.’
    • ‘I was thinking the other day about what turns me off.’
    put off, leave someone cold, repel, disgust, revolt, nauseate, sicken, offend
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