Definition of turn on one's heel in English:

turn on one's heel


  • Turn sharply around.

    ‘he turned on his heel and strode out’
    • ‘Her friends were there now so she just turned on her heel and walked away round the corner.’
    • ‘With that, she swiftly turned on her heel and disappeared as she rounded the corner to her destination.’
    • ‘He turns on his heel and walks off toward the street.’
    • ‘She turns on her heel and quickly returns with our drinks in small, metallic pots and chipped mugs.’
    • ‘Each one of them wanted to meet the challenge, but I had to explain to them quite fast what I wanted from them, to stop them turning on their heel.’
    • ‘Val had to listen to some ridiculous questions at that meeting, and I don't blame him for turning on his heel and leaving.’
    • ‘So go he does, turning on his heel and slinking out with the cringe of a dog that's been kicked one too many times.’
    • ‘And with that, I turned on my heel and walked out the back door.’
    • ‘I turned on my heel, into the lounge and ordered a bottle.’
    • ‘They parted like the Red Sea and I stepped past them, then turned on my heel so that I could keep an eye on the fight.’
    • ‘Steven turned on his heel and stalked off to the kitchen leaving his dad to wonder what was going on.’
    • ‘Mr Bright said he ‘then pounded his fists on the bar, turned on his heel and stormed out’.’
    • ‘At which point he turned on his heel and continued down the carriage.’
    • ‘He turned on his heel to leave the room, the applause ringing out behind him.’
    • ‘After a few moments demanding cash, the eight-times married actress turned on her heel and disappeared into the back of a black limo.’
    • ‘And then you have to turn on your heel and go back the way you came.’
    • ‘The day I stand up and address a jury and my stomach isn't churning then I will just turn on my heel and walk out of court and never come back.’
    • ‘If I were to walk into a place of business tomorrow and discover that you were the one with whom I must interview, I would turn on my heel immediately and never return.’
    • ‘When they issue an order, I might question it a little bit, but pretty soon I'm going to salute, turn on my heel, and execute it.’
    • ‘My friend turns on his heel and exits the quiet, comfortable train.’