Definition of turn on the charm in English:

turn on the charm

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  • Use one's ability to charm in order to influence someone.

    ‘before I could turn on the charm, they hung up’
    • ‘Come on, I know all about my big brother's ability to turn on the charm when he wants to.’
    • ‘He relaxes, and he comes alive - he turns on the charm.’
    • ‘But this isn't a man who turns on the charm at the hint of a camera flash or the whirr of a journalist's Dictaphone.’
    • ‘Christian was really turning on the charm, telling her she should meet some of his director friends and paying her endless cheesy compliments.’
    • ‘But he doesn't believe in turning on the charm for interviewers.’
    • ‘Yet, for all his protestations and refusal to talk to James, actions speak louder than words, and yesterday the Englishman had turned over a new leaf and turned on the charm.’
    • ‘He's super polite and knows when to turn on the charm.’
    • ‘And before I could turn on the charm, they hung up.’
    • ‘After a slickly co-ordinated annual meeting which saw Rose and his equally debonair chairman Paul Myners turn on the charm, Green realised that he was on to a loser.’
    • ‘Everyone turns on the charm when it's time to say goodbye.’