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turn out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Prove to be the case.

    ‘the job turned out to be beyond his rather limited abilities’
    • ‘ it turned out that my appointment wasn't with a therapist after all, but with another doctor’
    • ‘ as it turned out, we had enough time for two cocktails’
    • ‘That may turn out not prove to be quite so beneficial as it first appears.’
    • ‘It turns out there is a job available.’
    • ‘The new year is hardly turning out to be happy.’
    • ‘it turns out the pub is closed at the weekend.’
    • ‘As it turns out, she is looking for a new job.’
    • ‘This turns out to be one of those jobs that you don't think better of until it's way too late.’
    • ‘Holding down two jobs and doing a part time course hasn't turned out to be very good planning on my part.’
    • ‘There is, as it turns out, absolutely nothing to prove that the burglars were ever in the house.’
    • ‘This turns out to be a hard job, as the island seems to be inhabited only by shepherds and smugglers.’
    • ‘Much that was Greek, especially much that was Platonic, was imported into Christianity in its first centuries; but even more impressive is what was turned out.’
    transpire, prove to be the case, emerge, come to light, become known, become apparent, be revealed, be disclosed
    happen, occur, come about
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    1. 1.1End, happen, or develop in a particular way.
      ‘I have been fretting about how my own daughter will turn out’
      • ‘he firmly believes things will turn out well’
      transpire, prove to be the case, emerge, come to light, become known, become apparent, be revealed, be disclosed
      happen, occur, come about
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  • 2turn something out, turn out somethingExtinguish a light.

    ‘he turned out the light and groped his way through the doorway to the bed’
    • ‘When the lights were turned out and the respective bedroom doors shut, I could be alone.’
    • ‘Before turning the lights out, he would get every one quiet.’
    • ‘They drove off down the High Street and I gave chase but lost them when they turned their lights out.’
    • ‘It was the first time ever in the history they turned the lights out on the Strip for a minute-and-a - half.’
    • ‘The staff locked all the doors turned the lights out and went home at around 4pm last Friday.’
    • ‘My senior year, they were telling me I had to turn my lights out?’
    • ‘She starts calling out to people to turn their lights out.’
    • ‘It was here that we decided to turn our lights out to discover exactly what total blackness ‘looks’ like.’
    • ‘Sixty years ago the lights were turned out in this top secret bunker.’
    • ‘At eleven, Marie and Estelle turned our lights out.’
    switch off, turn out, put off, shut off, power down, flick off, extinguish, deactivate, trip
    switch off, turn off, put off, shut off, flick off
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  • 3Go somewhere in order to do something, especially to attend a meeting, to play a game, or to vote.

    ‘over 75 percent of the electorate turned out to vote’
    • ‘They may even encourage more than half of the electorate to turn out and vote four years from now.’
    • ‘Since 1988, Canadians have been turning out to vote in steadily decreasing numbers.’
    • ‘He suggested that they should be paid for turning out to vote.’
    • ‘In this sense, turning out to vote is always partly a question of attachment to a general sense of civic duty.’
    • ‘Cotswold people are urged to support their cottage hospitals by turning out to a public meeting next week.’
    • ‘They aren't the only old stars turning out for the meeting.’
    • ‘The entire population of Radcliffe appeared to turn out for the town's annual carnival.’
    • ‘Squires is a popular meeting point for bikers with thousands turning out on weekends during the busy summer riding season.’
    • ‘It is hoped that people will support this very worthy cause by turning out to watch what will be a unique game of football.’
    • ‘The supporters have been turning out in force.’
    come, go, be present, attend, put in an appearance, appear, turn up, arrive
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  • 4be turned outBe dressed in the manner specified.

    ‘she was smartly turned out and as well groomed as always’
    • ‘Ballinkillen's under-10 team were turned out in style at the county blitz finals against Carlow town recently in their brand new jerseys that were sponsored by a local Borris business.’
  • 5turn something out, turn out somethingProduce something.

    ‘the plant takes 53 hours to turn out each car’
    • ‘A rifle was turned out in 22 hours and 36.5 minutes.’
    • ‘They have to churn, and I'm confident that when they turn that sausage out, it will be the right kind of sausage for America.’
    • ‘Most factory shotguns are turned out with stocks in the 14-to 14 1/4 inch range - adequate but often a compromise.’
    • ‘As a workman he was most painstaking, and always insisted on the work from his department being turned out in the best possible manner.’
    • ‘In all, 21,000 were turned out at a General Motors plant in Michigan, at a price of $10,000 each, where because of the war the majority of the workforce was women.’
    • ‘The first big-screens with a quality picture were turned out by Mitsubishi in the late 1970s and peddled by retailers like Southern California's Paul Goldenberg, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Big Screen.’’
    • ‘It is the protagonists of craft who need to protect hereditary skills and ensure the same quality of work that was turned out three centuries ago.’
    produce, make, manufacture, fabricate, assemble, put together, process, bring out, put out, churn out
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  • 6turn someone out, turn out someoneEject or expel someone from a place.

    ‘his landlord could turn him out at any time’
    • ‘I will turn you out of my house and send you back to your father.’
    • ‘In their arrogance they assumed that no landlord would ever try to turn them out.’
    • ‘He wouldn't be surprised if his uncle turned him out tomorrow.’
    • ‘The voters would turn him out of office the minute the war was over.’
    • ‘He takes everything and turns me out on the streets.’
    • ‘Her brother turns her out of the house.’
    • ‘You would regret turning me out’
    • ‘This time I've got a clear preference that the incumbent be turned out, and a clear threshold difference with the Libertarian.’
    • ‘He's dangerous and immoral and deserves to be turned out at the next election.’
    • ‘One could imagine him twirling his moustache and turning his confrères out of the house into the snow for non-payment of rent, but this did not seem quite appropriate for a corporate lawyer who is aiming to steal the hero's company.’
    throw out, put out, eject, evict
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  • 7turn something out, turn out somethingEmpty something, especially one's pockets.

    ‘Oliver turned out his pockets and spread out his loot on the ground’
    • ‘His pockets had been turned out and money and a gold bracelet given to him for 25 years' service at work were missing.’
    • ‘His pockets had been turned out.’
    • ‘He pulled his jacket open and turned his pockets out.’
    • ‘‘Would you turn your pockets out, sir? ‘said one of the detectives.’
    clear out, clean out, empty, empty out
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    1. 7.1Tip prepared food from a mold or other container.
      ‘I turned out the cake onto a stand’
      • ‘She used clear ‘Blomange’ to fill two fish moulds, turned them out and gilded them with gold leaf.’
      • ‘When risen, turn the dough out onto a floured surface, divide into two and knead each piece lightly.’
      • ‘Run cold water over the spinach to cool it quickly, then turn it out onto a chopping board and use a sharp knife to make a couple of cuts across it.’
      • ‘When the loaves are done, cool for 10 minutes on baking racks, then turn them out of their pans and set back on the racks.’
      • ‘If it is not cooked enough, it will collapse when you turn it out; if it is overcooked, it won't wobble and will be too grainy.’
      • ‘Remove the loaves from the oven, turn them out onto a rack, and let cool (at least a little bit) before eating.’
      • ‘About 10 minutes before serving, turn the mixture out onto a plate, remove the cling-film and cut the ice-cream into wedges.’
      • ‘The pudding is turned out on a plate, the sauce pours down over the sides and a treat is ready to be experienced.’
      • ‘I made mine in a silicon mold, and stupidly invited friends for dessert before realizing that it would take several hours for it to firm up enough to be turned out of the mold and sliced.’
  • 8turn someone out, turn out someoneMilitary
    Call a guard from the guardroom.

    ‘All of the Royal Guard was turned out for the Jovian envoys and he was in charge of it all.’
    • ‘The local magistrate read the riot act and 2nd Battalion the Royal Warwickshire Regiment was turned out to clear the area.’