Definition of turn over in English:

turn over

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phrasal verb

  • 1Change the position of one's body when lying down so that one is facing in the opposite direction.

    • ‘Tess turned over and smiled as she met his eyes’
    1. 1.1turn something over, turn over somethingMove something so that it is upside down or in the opposite position.
      • ‘we waited in suspense for him to turn the cards over’
  • 2(of an engine) start or continue to run properly.

    • ‘the engine turned over when we tried it with the starter handle’
    1. 2.1turn something over, turn over somethingCause an engine to run.
      • ‘remember to turn the engine over occasionally in the cold weather’
  • 3turn something over, turn over something(of a business) have a turnover of a specified amount.

    ‘last year the company turned over $12 million’
    • ‘He said Concorde, founded 25 years ago which turns over around £3.5 million a year, was enjoying great success in the spooling market.’
    • ‘AWG Developments, which turns over in excess of £150m per year, employs around 200 people, mainly in Scotland.’
    • ‘This already turns over £45m and employs 80 people.’
    • ‘Australia's textile, clothing and footwear industry turns over $9 billion a year.’
    • ‘Do we want to pay up to 300,000 for a shop that only turns over 20,000 a week?’
    • ‘Today, Freshgrowers turns over about £10m and accounts for about ten per cent of the UK's carrot production.’
    • ‘James is the executive chairman of a diverse media and gaming empire which turns over almost $3 billion a year.’
    • ‘Now the bazaars are packed, traffic jams are common, mobile phones are everywhere and the money market turns over $10 million each week.’
    • ‘Not bad for a profitable 20-person business that turns over £2.2 million.’
    • ‘Further education is now big business, and the College turns over 34m a year.’
  • 4Change to another channel while watching television.

    ‘I turned over to watch the debate’
    • ‘With a spin of the crank handle the engine turns over easily and off she rattles on her iron tyres.’
    • ‘Once the engine turns over, it's off to the races.’
    • ‘It shakes and rattles as the engine turns over.’
    • ‘The engines may kick back if the ignition is turned on before the engines start turning over.’
    • ‘As soon as he heard the Jeep engine turn over, he bent over the sink and spat the medicine out.’
    • ‘The engine ground a couple of times, then turned over with a growl I hadn't heard for a long time.’
    • ‘The engine whined but didn't turn over, and she felt blood trickle from her lip as she bit back a screaming tantrum.’
  • 5turn something over, turn over somethinginformal Rob a place.

    • ‘what about that girl's bedroom that got turned over?’
    burgle, steal from, hold up, break into
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