Definition of turn something to advantage in English:

turn something to advantage


(also turn something to one's advantage)
  • Handle or respond to something in such a way as to benefit from it.

    ‘they dominated the first half of the game but failed to turn it to advantage’
    • ‘With the wind to their advantage the home-side supporters hoped Rangers would turn this game to their advantage.’
    • ‘But it is one thing getting those breaks, and it is another turning them to your advantage as the Armagh forwards did.’
    • ‘Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of jobs moving overseas, we should be concentrating on turning any threats to our advantage.’
    • ‘Brown will meet his closest lieutenants to retrench and thrash out some way of turning a deteriorating situation to his advantage.’
    • ‘As founding editor of Cosmogirl, she turned that quality to her advantage, offering herself as a role model to quirky teens who were interested in standing out, not fitting in.’
    • ‘And so, he said, companies are seeking ways to live with the technologies that threaten them and are trying to turn them to their advantage.’
    • ‘We like to think that we can somehow interpret events and turn them to our advantage.’
    • ‘His prison cell was searched and some drawings were discovered and now his attorneys hope to turn that fact to his advantage at his trial.’
    • ‘My message is that hostility can be turned to our advantage if we're better, smarter, wiser at the end of the season.’
    • ‘On the other hand, firms with experience and foresight may be able to turn these risks to their advantage and even make a certain amount of profit through foreign exchange gains.’
    benefit from, take advantage of, obtain an advantage from, derive benefit from, reap the benefit of, capitalize on, make the most of, turn to one's advantage, put to good use, do well out of, utilize, exploit, make capital out of, maximize, gain from