Definition of turn the tide in English:

turn the tide


  • Reverse the trend of events.

    ‘the air power helped to turn the tide of battle’
    • ‘A battle was waged which turned the tide of the Second World War.’
    • ‘The National Commissioner said the police were turning the tide against crime and that this trend would continue.’
    • ‘The Code Talkers were honored for creating a code which was credited with saving thousands of lives and turning the tide of decisive battles in the Pacific theater.’
    • ‘They were widely credited with turning the tide of that war.’
    • ‘They are slowly, modestly, turning the tide.’
    • ‘Villagers have succeeded in turning the tide of village shop closures by opening a community shop and post office.’
    • ‘The manager looked capable of turning the tide as he pulled all the strings.’
    • ‘We will join with you in turning the tide against AIDS in Africa.’
    • ‘I am writing to you to ask for your help in turning the tide.’
    • ‘Howard's commitment to the community may be what turns the tide.’