Definition of turndown in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtərnˌdoun/ /ˈtərnˌdaʊn/


  • 1A rejection or refusal.

    ‘no idea should meet a flat turndown if there's a chance of a pay-off’
    • ‘There have been no turndowns, to my knowledge, by anybody.’
    • ‘That turndown has been now upheld by the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘It was not exactly a turndown, but they wanted to refer me to a couple of other programs that I was not willing to go into.’
    • ‘They were too obsessed with the turndown in business and the threat of more violence.’
    • ‘When the front-door approach of showing his work to gallery owners yielded nothing but turndowns, Parr opted for back-door strategies.’
    • ‘I'm much more aware of how turndowns come with the package.’
    • ‘Eddy readied herself for the turndown, but none came.’
    • ‘No company in history that I'm aware of has ever faced that quick a turndown.’
    • ‘A look of dejection passed through her eyes as she looked away, trying not to feel hurt by his turndown.’
    • ‘A major request to one foundation resulted in a rather curt turndown.’
    • ‘Don't think you have to offer an explanation for every turndown, either.’
    rejection, refusal, rebuff, dismissal, spurning, repudiation, repulse, turndown, discouragement
  • 2A decline in something; a downturn.

    ‘the company has suffered a dramatic turndown after a storm of bad publicity’
    • ‘It is believed the value of the airline has fallen following a spate of industrial unrest, the foot-and-mouth crisis and a turndown in the US economy.’
    • ‘America in recession would alter the global economic picture and risk a worldwide turndown.’
    • ‘As it turns out the economy was only in a minor turndown.’
    • ‘The recent turndown in tourism has only exacerbated the territory's economic difficulties and heightened political and social tensions.’
    • ‘These series of crises appear to be bending and secondly, we seem to have seen the worst of the world economic turndown.’
    • ‘Outside of global market turndowns, usually one sector is always rising as another is falling.’
    • ‘They're waiting for a market turndown.’
    • ‘Glocer said London is probably the worst financial centre at the moment for Reuters, after the big turndown in New York.’
    • ‘His arrival at the company's plush offices in Knightsbridge coincided with a turndown in the advertising market.’


  • (of a collar) turned down.



/ˈtərnˌdoun/ /ˈtərnˌdaʊn/