Definition of turtlenecked in English:



See turtleneck

‘The nightclub owner and his turtlenecked thugs pose a danger.’
  • ‘The consistently amazing quality of the band is their ability to color experimental music and noise with more candor and emotional sophistication than most turtlenecked troubadours.’
  • ‘The Mayan usually caters to these turtlenecked poseurs who don't care about quality so much as they care about seeing something 'important'.’
  • ‘To all you turtlenecked purveyors of aural brainteasers: Music needs not only a mind, but a heart.’
  • ‘Mere mention of the French capital conjures images of turtlenecked poets brooding in starlit cafes, dandified flaneurs strolling the narrow boulevards and glamorous femmes sipping absinthe under gas lanterns.’



/ˈtərdlˌnekt/ /ˈtərdlˌnɛkt/