Definition of tussock grass in English:

tussock grass


  • A grass which grows in tussocks.

    Genera Poa, Nassella, or Deschampsia, family Gramineae: several species, in particular D. cespitosa, a coarse fodder grass of the northern hemisphere

    ‘Well over to our right we can see a large island that's covered in tussock grass and amongst this tussock grass we can see literally thousands of pairs of nesting black-browed albatrosses.’
    • ‘As the Apu leads the charge, some 40 birds march through the tall tussock grass like an advancing army.’
    • ‘The day's walk usually began with a climb up to the plateau through the tussock grass which was always wet in the daily drizzle.’
    • ‘Next we had to get our gear up a 70-foot-high cliff; carry it through waist-high tussock grass, which is just about impossible to walk through without falling over every few steps; and, finally, wade through a bog.’
    • ‘Nests were usually well hidden in strong coarse grasses, leafy shrubs, and shorter tussock grasses.’


tussock grass

/ˈtəsək ɡras/ /ˈtəsək ɡræs/