Definition of tweeps in English:


plural noun

  • A person's followers on the social media application Twitter.

    • ‘he told his tweeps he was going to a Bruce Springsteen concert’
    • ‘millions of tweeps follow their every tweet’
    • ‘Phil really seems to be enjoying sharing with all his tweeps.’
    • ‘Lists are helpful to you because it a great way to curate content and find good tweeps to follow!’
    • ‘And, so, stand by, Jessica, because I put that out to my Twitter people, the tweeps.’
    • ‘One of my tweeps occasionally tweets out a blurb with a link to his facebook page, which is of the sort that one cannot see without logging into FB.’
    • ‘If you're looking for the breakdown, that's about 12,500 Twitter followers per hour, or ~208 new tweeps per minute.’
    • ‘As you gain followers and build a base of tweeps you are following, go to your lists of Followers or Following (on your profile page).’
    • ‘If you are in the same space as me, you can look at my list "Start-it-up Friends," and find some amazing tweeps to follow.’
    • ‘Soccer's rise signifies what one of my tweeps just called America's "return to the community of nations."’
    • ‘"Wasssuuppp tweeps, I'm back," he wrote on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Good morning Tweeps - another day another dollar.’
    • ‘Goodnight tweeps! See y'all if i wake up in the morning.’
    • ‘I apparently unfollowed some tweeps overnight - please let me know if it was you.’
    • ‘Have a great Monday, tweeps.’
    • ‘Any of my tweeps know a good restaurant in Baltimore?’
    • ‘Since then, he has urged his tweeps to donate to lung cancer causes, including his own charity.’
    • ‘Thanks for the support, tweeps.’



/twēps/ /twips/


Early 21st century blend of Twitter, the proprietary name of the social media application, and peeps.