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  • Suitable for posting on the social media application Twitter.

    ‘the video contains some highly tweetable quotes’
    • ‘You should provide tweetable "nuggets" in your blog posts.’
    • ‘It's important to write tweetable press release headlines.’
    • ‘It's a girls-behaving-badly hoot, and the scripts crackle with tweetable lines.’
    • ‘Memes, data, information get filtered through multiple channels these days, instantly and so the ones that get through to most people are the ones that are shocking and "tweetable."’
    • ‘Finish with a strong, memorable, tweetable phrase that people will want to share with their friends.’
    • ‘He quipped the most tweetable quote from our Social Media ROI conference in New York.’
    • ‘Sharp had a tweetable soundbite - "we have shifted from a 24-hours news cycle to a 140 character one".’
    • ‘I was impressed by his openness, his willingness to admit mistakes, and his talent for summing them up in tweetable sound bites’
    • ‘Twitter is a great way to keep up with his tweetable quotes and blog posts.’
    • ‘If you are asked to be a guest, be sure to have the prepared questions ahead of time so you can get ready with a few tweetable responses.’
    • ‘Rubin had many tweetable quotes to share.’



/ˈtwēdəb(ə)l/ /ˈtwidəb(ə)l/