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Pronunciation /ˈtwēdər/ /ˈtwidər/


  • 1A loudspeaker designed to reproduce high frequencies.

    • ‘EX models add a cassette player, two tweeters, a rear-mounted sub woofer and a five-channel, 155-watt amp.’
    • ‘Niles, SpeakerCraft, and others use directional tweeters and woofers that can be separately adjusted to compensate for imaging problems arising from the positioning drawbacks.’
    • ‘For music lovers there are in-car entertainment systems including CD changers, amplifiers, woofers, speakers and tweeters in a mind-boggling range.’
    • ‘It's got everything - woofers, tweeters, cup holder and an impressive-looking front panel that screams ‘Hey, look at me!’’
    • ‘Your woofers and tweeters better be in pretty good shape to take this kind of battering, I can tell you.’
    • ‘Details on the materials used in the construction of the tweeter and woofer were difficult to come by.’
  • 2A person who posts on the social media application Twitter.

    • ‘At the start of the year, the service had six million tweeters worldwide.’
    • ‘There are over 14 million tweeters in the U. S. alone.’
    • ‘A funny tweeter friend of mine recently got followed by comedian Charlie Higson.’
    • ‘No tweeter has yet matched the economy of words in the gospel according to St John, chapter 11, verse 35.’
    • ‘It's interesting to hear the secretary of state to say she doesn't know a twitter from a tweeter.’
    • ‘But while he may be the supreme leader, he is not a supreme tweeter.’
    • ‘I didn't before, I signed up eons ago but didn't really become an active "tweeter" until recently.’
    • ‘Bloggers and tweeters are quoted freely as semaphore from the streets.’
    • ‘Be it popular culture, travel tales or mostly random observations, Sidin's brand of humour is immensely popular among bloggers and tweeters.’
    • ‘It's not that the tweeters have ascended into the media stratosphere, it's that the traditional media has descended into the depths.’
    • ‘His music videos are heavy draws on YouTube, and he's a relentless Tweeter.’
    • ‘And another tweeter writes, "I imitate them whenever I'm talking to them or texting them so they'll know how offensive they are."’
    • ‘These business-savvy tweeters are all excited about helping you grow your company, create buzz for your brand and stay inspired.’
    • ‘I'm having tweeter's remorse.’
    • ‘Within hours, I had nearly 150 bloggers, Tweeters, and Facebookers volunteering to participate.’
    • ‘As bloggers and tweeters, how do we strike a balance between the speed of getting ideas out there and the deliberation of thinking up the ideas themselves?’
    • ‘If you Twitter frequently, and Twitter is important for your business, this stats tool will help you take the next step towards becoming a master tweeter.’
    • ‘American tweeters are optimistic, full of good will and ready to show you how to find yourself, solve your problems, guide you through life and share, share, share.’
    • ‘"The rise in defamation cases linked to the internet is inevitable if users like bloggers or tweeters fail to put in place the same kind of pre-publication controls that traditional media uses."’
    • ‘However, as an SMS-addict and avid tweeter I found the small keyboard on my old phone a bit fiddly and didn't see that improving with the latest incarnations.’



/ˈtwēdər/ /ˈtwidər/