Definition of tweetstorm in English:



  • A rapid succession of connected posts made by a particular user on the social media application Twitter, often in the form of a tirade.

    ‘Monday's tweetstorm was just the latest salvo in a year-long anti-media campaign’
    ‘the agency responded to his recent tweets with a tweetstorm of its own’
    • ‘He unleashed a tweetstorm claiming his innocence of the allegations.’
    • ‘The president was in the middle of a morning tweetstorm when he sent the image to his nearly 36 million followers.’
    • ‘Her viral tweet storm was covered in the media.’
    • ‘He went on a massive tweetstorm to voice his annoyance with his cable provider.’
    • ‘She revealed in a late-night tweetstorm that her ex-boyfriend had filed a lawsuit against her.’
    • ‘In the midst of his tweetstorm, Rubio even appeared to suggest he might run for president again.’
    • ‘In a tweetstorm today, he lambasted the board for its lengthy search.’
    • ‘Amin does point out one weak point in the self-righteous tweetstorm.’
    • ‘Last night, in a tweetstorm for the ages, the Florida senator let loose a torrent of frustrations about what has been the most absurd election cycle in recent memory.’
    • ‘He unleashed a tweetstorm of criticism.’