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cardinal numbertwenties

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    (also xx, XX)
    The number equivalent to the product of two and ten; ten less than thirty; 20.

    ‘twenty or thirty years ago’
    • ‘twenty of us stood and waited’
    • ‘a twenty-foot aerial’
    • ‘The pomegranate is a deciduous tree or large shrub that can grow to twenty or thirty feet and produces pomegranate fruit.’
    • ‘I know more people who hate it than love it and those haters often question why I would watch this movie ten, twenty, even thirty times without getting tired of it.’
    • ‘As far as students are concerned, it is a harsh reality that for the last two years, summer vacation have lasted not more than twenty to thirty days, thanks to vacation classes.’
    • ‘Eventually you climb up above the bed of the river into the Salon Noir, a cavern about twenty by thirty yards, with a ceiling from which no light returns and just a few vowels re-emerge as echoes.’
    • ‘However, the biggest sign of political pulling power is the ability to gather twenty or thirty people to gaze outwardly at the TV cameras from behind the leader while he is speaking.’
    • ‘But even then - being a public hospital - there could be twenty or thirty minutes of listening to her cry for help before the nurse came.’
    • ‘There was a worker loading the wheat gluten into plastic bags, while oil was being heated in two big woks with about twenty to thirty more baskets of wheat gluten still on the ground.’
    • ‘A flotilla of between twenty and thirty boats arrived in the town on Sunday and will stay until May 22 for a commemorative boatmen's reunion.’
    • ‘We are hoping to accommodate between twenty to thirty children in Tramore for the weekend from Friday 2 July to Sunday 4 July.’
    • ‘Not in one, two or three places have these excellent houses been built, but all over the estate, which covers a space of twenty or thirty thousand acres.’
    • ‘Often lined up in ranks of twenty to thirty kites, the fliers work with partners to launch their large and uniquely designed and constructed kites.’
    • ‘Oddly enough, I watched two episodes just the other day - the first I'd seen in twenty or thirty years.’
    • ‘We were not half-way across the open space when twenty or thirty furious figures appeared among the houses, firing frantically or waving their swords.’
    • ‘Thirty or twenty years ago such corners were common - new strip malls on one corner, an ancient feed depot on the other.’
    • ‘Now in his 35th year as a professional comedy performer he has changed little from the man who charmed us ten, twenty or thirty years ago.’
    • ‘I'm also very aware of the fact that I have a lot more freedom to express my relationship than I would have done had I been born twenty or thirty years earlier.’
    • ‘Okay, so she's only on it for twenty or thirty seconds every other episode or so, but still: gorgeous.’
    • ‘The winters lately are not as severe as they were twenty or thirty years ago and it now possible to see the last Rose of Summer in full bloom on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘The water levels are still very low and despite this the fishing was fairly good with on average of between twenty and thirty salmon taken each day.’
    • ‘He was only twenty paces ahead of her, if she could only catch up, she could stop him.’
    1. 1.1twentiesThe numbers from twenty to twenty-nine, especially the years of a century or of a person's life.
      ‘he's in his late twenties’
      • ‘Police are trying to identify the man, aged in his twenties or thirties.’
      • ‘A local man, aged in his mid twenties, has been arrested and was being questioned at Derby police station.’
      • ‘With an unsuccessful marriage behind her, she went off to drama school in her twenties.’
      • ‘When Joy bought the business she expected her clients to be mainly in their twenties and thirties.’
      • ‘In all, 202 people died in the explosions, the vast majority in their twenties and thirties.’
      • ‘The woman is white, in her late twenties to early thirties, roughly five feet five inches tall and of medium build.’
      • ‘But it is precisely those young couples in their twenties or thirties who are most vulnerable.’
      • ‘They are in their early twenties to their early thirties.’
      • ‘After all, most pros now peak in their late twenties to early thirties.’
      • ‘I would be single, in my late twenties to mid thirties and drop-dead gorgeous.’
      • ‘He appeared to be in his early twenties with dark brown hair and blue eyes.’
      • ‘One woman in her mid twenties had left the church in her teenage years.’
      • ‘He had a sandwich in hand and looked only to be in his mid twenties.’
      • ‘Wouldn't we be always in our mid-to-late twenties, taking workshops, trying things out?’
      • ‘My twenties have been spent primarily in two different cities: Seattle and New York.’
      • ‘The students ranged in age from their twenties to their fifties.’
      • ‘Rabbits in particular almost ruined the grazing industry down here in the period from the twenties to the fifties.’
      • ‘Five men in their twenties were arrested in connection with the assault.’
      • ‘A man in his twenties was arrested in connection with her death shortly after the incident.’
      • ‘Two Hanworth men in their twenties have been arrested in connection with an earlier incident at the flat.’
    2. 1.2Twenty years old.
      ‘he's about twenty’
      • ‘Anyone over the age of twenty is occasionally confronted with the ignorance of today's youth of some phenomenon that was utterly ordinary when we were their age.’
      • ‘People with acting ability between the ages of twenty and fifty are required to take part in a double bill of Irish comedy that will be in the Town Hall Theatre, Galway in June.’
      • ‘There has been a drop in the number of births to Waterford girls under the age of twenty, according to the latest figures released by the Central Statistics Office.’
      • ‘Seven people under the age of twenty died, including a two-and-a-half year old child.’
      • ‘At the age of twenty, I blew my only chance to win the prestigious Golden Gloves tournament and I didn't have the luxury of someone else to blame.’
      • ‘I didn't go to drama school because I was too scared of drama students at the age of eighteen to twenty when I would have been applying to places like RADA.’
      • ‘Personal interviews were conducted with six women and five men who ranged in age from twenty to twenty-five years old.’
      • ‘He was called up for war service at the age of twenty in 1942, ‘escorted to the war by my parents in case I couldn't find it on my own’.’
      • ‘It is open to people between the ages of 14 and twenty something, and will be held at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham on Sunday at 11 am.’
      • ‘The fair, willowy girl had stars in her eyes when at the age of twenty, she was married to the tall and handsome young man with a four-figure salary.’
      • ‘They give away newspapers on campus, thinking that will shape info-seeking habits at the age of twenty and create a habit pattern.’
      • ‘You made your choice, and - as I assumed when I left home at the age of twenty - it was irrevocable.’
      • ‘The minimum age for visitors is twenty, but there is no upper limit.’
      • ‘At the age of twenty and with the blessing of her family she left home to begin nursing training at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.’
      • ‘Wow, last time I posted I was young at the age of twenty, now I'm an old boy at twenty-one.’
      • ‘However, I did not stick on a single photo of myself between the ages of ten and twenty.’
      • ‘He recently ended up with a broken heart for the tenth time at the age of twenty.’
      • ‘The first beer I ever drank was at the age of twenty at Jazz Festival in Leeds city centre.’
      • ‘He was spared because he was only twenty at the time.’
    3. 1.3Twenty miles an hour.
    4. 1.4A size of garment or other merchandise denoted by twenty.
      • ‘I also had two fish using a small black gnat tied up on a size twenty hook.’
    5. 1.5A twenty-dollar bill or twenty-pound note.
      ‘He grabs his coat, tosses a twenty on the table and leaves.’
      • ‘Casey dropped a couple crisp twenties on the table before following her outside.’
      • ‘He quickly took out his wallet and threw a twenty on the table.’
      • ‘I pulled out a twenty from my bag and waved it in the air.’
      • ‘I reached in my pocket and pulled out two crisp twenties and two tens.’
      • ‘He pulled a twenty from his pocket and pressed it into my palm.’
      • ‘"Nice, " Lawrence said, rising from his seat and slapping a twenty in the guy's hand.’
      • ‘Nodding, he shrugs on his coat and plants a twenty on the tabletop.’
      • ‘He grabs his coat, tosses a twenty on the table and leaves.’
      • ‘Heather rolled her eyes and gave her the twenty.’
      • ‘Then, she remembered she had a twenty in her hand.’
      • ‘I left a twenty on the table and left with the group.’
      • ‘‘Sorry I'm late, Jules’ she fumbled in her bag for her wallet, and put a twenty on the table.’
      • ‘Sei looked over Arashi's shoulder and noticed the twenty.’
      • ‘He pulled out his wallet, opening it and grabbing a twenty.’
      • ‘I found the money and gave Aaron a ten and Melanie a twenty.’
      • ‘Jack pulled a twenty from his wallet and handed it to Ted.’
      • ‘He quickly took out his wallet and threw a twenty on the table.’
      • ‘Nodding, Thanatos fished a twenty from his wallet and handed it over.’
      • ‘He pulled a twenty from his pocket and pressed it into my palm.’



/ˈtwen(t)ē/ /ˈtwɛn(t)i/


Old English twentig, from the base of two+ -ty.