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  • 1Shining with a gleam that changes from bright to faint.

    ‘twinkling harbor lights’
    • ‘Dew glistened in the grass on the side of the road like little twinkling diamonds in the rough.’
    • ‘Stand her in the middle of a darkened Victorian dining room draped with holiday greenery, a Christmas tree twinkling in the corner.’
    • ‘Except for the lovely outdoor night scene for Juliet's funeral, with its twinkling stars, some updating might be good.’
    • ‘Others with a different signal seem to be blinking, twinkling.’
    • ‘Small candles were tactically nestled amongst the branches to be lit at night, representing the twinkling stars of the heavens.’
    • ‘What they ignore is the story hidden behind the twinkling lights.’
    • ‘There wasn't a soul in sight, only the bright stars twinkling above.’
    • ‘Any number of specters could be floating in the cold, thin air or cavorting among icily twinkling stars.’
    • ‘Devlin scanned the valley below him, enjoying the twinkling of the city's lights.’
    • ‘His golden hair looked much like the stars twinkling in the night sky.’
    • ‘The set recreates a little town in southern France, in which twinkling stars can be seen during night scenes.’
    • ‘Ah, the romance of twinkling lights in the distance.’
    • ‘A short, vigorously cheerful woman in a twinkling red dress walked about, greeting each person.’
    • ‘On Saturday night, after enjoying the campfire, we noticed a few stars twinkling through the hazy sky.’
    • ‘Bizarrely, to my left, the sky was still midnight blue and twinkling with stars.’
    • ‘I strolled around the windward side and looked out at the twinkling lights abreast Rayong.’
    • ‘There we were in the desert of Rajasthan, sitting on a castle rampart, just us and a myriad stars twinkling furiously.’
    • ‘At dusk, as darkness is falling, small red or yellow lights are twinkling in the dark-blue autumn mist.’
    • ‘Soon the entire city was covered in snow and twinkling lights.’
    • ‘The camera pans across a galaxy of stars and planets, novae, and nebulae twinkling in the blackness.’
    1. 1.1(of a person's eyes) sparkling, especially with amusement.
      ‘twinkling eyes, happy smiles’
      • ‘I saw all of biblical history in the twinkling of an eye.’
      • ‘Two pairs of eyes locked together, both sets of eyes twinkling with the deepest of emotions.’
      • ‘The man grins at you, his eyes twinkling.’
      • ‘According to Miranda he told her the story " with twinkling eyes ".’
      • ‘Fortunately for the command climate of the 1st Pursuit Group, the witty operations officer with twinkling eyes buffered Atkinson's dourness.’
      • ‘The boy looked up, his dark blue eyes twinkling with amusement.’
      • ‘She stared into my eyes for a moment, twinkling with personal satisfaction.’
      • ‘He was sitting in the middle of the pavement, with his twinkling eyes staring at me expectantly.’
      • ‘He grinned at her answer with his eyes twinkling.’
      • ‘Steven glanced at me, his eyes once again twinkling.’
      • ‘She looks at Ryan, her brown eyes twinkling with amusement.’
      • ‘Aunt Margaret came out of the tailor shop just moments later, her eyes twinkling with some sort of secret knowledge.’
      • ‘Most of them were watching me with a twinkling amusement in their eyes.’
      • ‘Marlo shrugged away, trying to mask his smile with a scowl, which only resulted in a tight-lipped frown, eyes twinkling.’
      • ‘Or, a Christmas tree made from hundreds of twinkling lights is a great feature on any patio.’
      • ‘Once they were inside, Elizabeth released Darcy's arm and turned to him, eyes twinkling with mischief.’
      • ‘I can see her reddish-blonde hair, her slender figure and her sooty lashes blinking above slitted, twinkling green eyes.’
      • ‘Yet his vague unwillingness to discuss specific strategies suggests that these aspirations will merely remain a twinkling in Mr Simpson's eye.’
      • ‘Red eyes cut across to look at her evilly and she simply smiled, blue eyes twinkling up at him.’
      • ‘Hoss grinned as she put a finger to her lips, her eyes twinkling.’



/ˈtwiNGkliNG/ /ˈtwɪŋklɪŋ/


    in the twinkling of an eye
    • In an instant; very quickly.

      ‘the whole evening passes in the twinkling of an eye’
      • ‘I'll have supper ready in a twinkling’
      • ‘In a twinkling, the ball was swept to the onrushing Kieran Lewis.’
      • ‘Our fears that learners would starve was wiped out in a twinkling of an eye.’
      • ‘In a twinkling, the broad, tall figure was reduced to thin, glassy shards that dissolved in the air.’
      • ‘But in a twinkling Tipp had wiped it out.’
      • ‘They stand there, radiating photons of goodwill, and despite yourself, you beam back, and the world, in a twinkling, changes.’
      • ‘He could flip in a twinkling.’
      • ‘And, in a twinkling, the two largest girls had joined hands and made a sedan-chair for Tate, and the entire party was hurrying on after Jenny.’
      • ‘They switch between parts in a twinkling, and alternate savvily between lead singers and backup.’
      • ‘But like all one-day matches, a brilliant catch or run out, or a fast innings can change matters in a twinkling and today's match should be no exception.’
      • ‘The Seagulls had three goals on the board in a twinkling, running to an 18-point lead before the Rebels finally scored just before the break.’