Definition of twitterpated in English:



  • 1North American informal Infatuated or obsessed.

    • ‘Gus is still hopelessly twitterpated by Lee’
    • ‘smiling into each other's eyes, a seemingly twitterpated couple glided past’
    • ‘The two talk for a bit and immediately become twitterpated.’
    • ‘The person you're all twitterpated over could turn out to be a jerk.’
    • ‘By this time Darcy is a little on the twitterpated side of desire.’
    • ‘Then he's completely twitterpated by Julia (who looks luminous, but doesn't really have much of a character).’
    • ‘Remember from Bambi - when Thumper was in love they say that he was twitterpated?’
    • ‘Happy Valentines Day to all you twitterpated twitterers.’
    • ‘Aww, it's cute to see you all twitterpated!’
    besotted, in love, love-struck, head over heels in love, hopelessly in love, obsessed, taken
    1. 1.1In a state of nervous excitement.
      ‘CBS execs are twitterpated over this new idea’
      • ‘Ok, I really need to get over being so freaking twitterpated and clean this apartment, write an article, work on a proposal, and turn off the TV.’
      • ‘Well folks I'm twitterpated, exasperated and surprisingly enough a little laminated so I'm hitting the bubbler and heading for bed. G'Night!’
      • ‘I'm confused and a little twitterpated.’
      • ‘Took a break, perused Amazon and am all twitterpated - Pat Conroy has a new book coming out in August.’
      • ‘People are starting to follow me. I feel twitterpated.’



/ˈtwidərˌpādəd/ /ˈtwɪdərˌpeɪdəd/


1940s from twitter + -pated ‘having a head or mind of a specified kind’ (from pate); popularized by the 1942 film Bambi.