Definition of Twittersphere in English:



  • the TwittersphereUsers of the social media application Twitter, considered collectively.

    • ‘the Twittersphere was abuzz when the story first broke’
    • ‘Interestingly, more Republicans than Democrats can be found in the Twittersphere.’
    • ‘In this campaign, many politicians, even regular users, seemed to drop out of the Twittersphere entirely.’
    • ‘I'd answer their questions and people would Tweet my answers back out to the Twittersphere.’
    • ‘Here's how many of you have put it as we have been having this conversation on the Twittersphere.’
    • ‘As I mentioned in the Twittersphere last night, the local good radio station played the song "70s 80s".’
    • ‘But his bluster seems to have grown as he has threw himself into the anarchic twittersphere to broadcast his views.’
    • ‘She unleashed mayhem in the Twittersphere last week when, in her first tweet, she greeted "Twitters" instead of "Twitterers."’
    • ‘On the Twittersphere, Google was widely applauded, though there was some cynicism about its business motives.’
    • ‘It's possible that Twitter has made much bigger impact on the new media environment outside of (rather than inside) the Twittersphere by simply feeding a stream of blogs, social networks, and text messages with content.’
    • ‘I'm sure everyone's fed up of the debacle that's been occupying the UK Twittersphere for the last week.’



/ˈtwidərˌsfir/ /ˈtwɪdərˌsfɪr/


Early 21st century blend of Twitter, the proprietary name of the social media application, and -sphere.