Definition of twittery in English:



See twitter

‘It's been 22 years since her first hit, but she still wears her hair like an overgrown schoolgirl, and retains a twittery voice that makes her sound like an exceptionally late developer.’
  • ‘Endowed with a muscular alto that automatically storms to the top of its range on almost every song, she's nothing if not confident, and a lesson to the twittery Kylies of this world.’
  • ‘We've never seen stuff like it before, and we get terribly excited and twittery about it.’
  • ‘‘Psst,’ he called to Carly, ‘Why're you so twittery all of the sudden?’’
  • ‘Technically, she was a coloratura soprano, but her voice has none of the twittery or harsh qualities that one sometimes finds in French coloraturas.’



/ˈtwid(ə)rē/ /ˈtwɪd(ə)ri/