Definition of twoccer in English:



British informal

See twoc

  • ‘Never a day goes past, without we hear of someone being mugged, a twoccer running someone over, a house raided for drugs and the occupants arrested, and so on.’
  • ‘The main character of this novel is sixteen-year-old, Matt, a twoccer who learned all the tricks of the trade from Jake, the older brother he idolizes.’
  • ‘I just remember a scam where some twoccers started doing this and pulling over taxis and then robbing them.’
  • ‘When he first met them, they were already seasoned twoccers (car thieves), canny burglars and advanced standard drivers.’
  • ‘I finished work today, go to pick the car up and lo and behold some scruffy twoccers have smashed the window, nicked the stereo which is no good because I kept the face with me and completely ripped all the ignition out.’