Definition of twofold in English:


Pronunciation /ˈto͞oˌfōld/ /ˈtuˌfoʊld/

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  • 1Twice as great or as numerous.

    ‘a twofold increase in the risk’
    • ‘The Alliance for Better Campaigns, which supports free ad time for candidates, blamed the broadcast industry for the twofold increase.’
    • ‘The deaths in Cianjur, according to him, represent a twofold increase from previous years and so the health ministry has declared it an extraordinary incidence.’
    • ‘In tact, a family history of alcoholism is one of the strongest predictors of alcoholism in women, with those having a first-degree relative with alcoholism at a twofold to fourfold increased risk of alcoholism.’
    • ‘Meta-analysis led in this case to a twofold increase in the precision in QTL position estimation, when compared to the most precise initial QTL position within the corresponding region.’
    • ‘The Bruker machine runs at 750 MHz radio frequency, which is a twofold increase on solid state NMR used for biochemical studies and marks a 60% increase in sensitivity.’
    • ‘Deletion of this sequence resulted in a twofold increase in ADH activity due to an underlying twofold increase in mRNA levels, suggesting a functional role in the negative regulation of mRNA.’
    • ‘The findings are not compatible with the assertion that third generation oral contraceptives are associated with a twofold increase in risk of venous thromboembolism compared with older progestogens.’
    • ‘In addition, ‘there was also a twofold increase in the number of [simulated] rear-end collisions when drivers were conversing on cell phones,’ the study says.’
    • ‘Although it is not possible to differentiate among these models here, we note that rates of protein evolution and intron evolution both exhibit an approximate twofold increase after gene duplication.’
    • ‘The potential teratogenicity of benzodiazepines remains controversial, but a recent meta-analysis suggested a twofold increase, at most, in the risk of orofacial clefts.’
    • ‘Minor congenital anomalies affect 7 to 15 percent of infants exposed to antiepileptic drugs, which represents a twofold increase over that in the general population.’
    • ‘Greater hatching success was correlated with longer guarding durations, and a removal experiment verified that female presence was responsible for a twofold increase in hatching success.’
    • ‘Experiencing sad or hopeless feelings and having a history of attempted suicide were associated with roughly a twofold increase in the likelihood of being the recipient of physical dating violence.’
    • ‘Recall that a twofold increase in secondary mutation frequency in recD was also seen for chromosomal loci.’
    • ‘In other settings, it has been shown that premature hospital discharge of patients with unstable vital signs was responsible for a twofold increase in 30-day mortality.’
    • ‘Among the cases examined, it appeared that there was, at most, a twofold increase in transposase activity when an acidic amino acid was substituted for a potential phosphorylation site.’
    • ‘Well the literature's full of studies of this, which show that there's a twofold to threefold increase risk of prostate cancer if you have a first degree relative, your dad, your brother or your child, your son has it.’
    • ‘This suggests that severely distorted transmission might have contributed to an approximately twofold increase in estimated map distances around the CYC locus.’
    • ‘This process is commonly manifested in chromosomal monosomics in which the most common effect is an approximate twofold increase of target gene expression throughout the genome.’
    • ‘There was a more than twofold increase in survival among recipients of combination antibiotic therapy as compared with that for recipients of monotherapy regimens.’
    dual, duplex, twin, binary, duplicate, matched, matching, paired, in pairs, complementary, coupled, twofold
    twice the usual size, doubled, twofold
    1. 1.1Having two parts or elements.
      ‘the twofold demands of the business and motherhood’
      • ‘Flint said the impact might be twofold, lower demand from the US brought about by the weaker dollar may result in a slow down in imports from sub-Saharan Africa.’
      • ‘The aim is twofold and according to senior commanders it can be realised: the toppling of the leader and the steady elimination of the terrorists.’
      • ‘The advantages of this direct approach are twofold and quintessentially Melbourne.’
      • ‘At the beginning of each mission, there's a narrative that outlines the background to the impending scenario, in addition to the objectives that must be resolved, the latter of which may be twofold or threefold in nature.’
      • ‘This is certainly a characteristic of Maine where port cities were thriving in the eighteenth century and then suffered a twofold economic downturn in the wake of the Embargo of 1807 and the War of 1812.’
      • ‘In Connemara their twofold national rivalry becomes a three-way affair as notions of Englishness and Irishness become entwined with the fact of political union and also with issues of class status.’
      • ‘This could yet be attained, utilising the twofold British attributes of the profession's freedom to prescribe and universal access to treatment under the NHS.’
      • ‘The goals of this article are twofold and interdependent.’
      • ‘The reason for this is twofold: an exceptionally mild climate and a remarkable quality of life.’
      • ‘He says his plans are twofold and, so far, do not involve working for the BBC.’


  • So as to double; to twice the number or amount.

    ‘use increased more than twofold from 1979 to 1989’
    • ‘In this respect, we have increased the minimum salary by 29 per cent, we have also increased the family allowance twofold, and taxes have been significantly reduced.’
    • ‘Visits to Amnesty's US website reportedly increased sixfold, donations threefold and the rate of new memberships twofold.’
    • ‘According to the Journal of Periodontology, high levels of stress and poor coping skills increase twofold the likelihood of development of periodontal disease.’
    • ‘Since the distribution of values for genes whose expression decreased twofold or more were bounded between 0 and 0.5, we assumed that the variances were not equal for the comparison of these genes.’
    • ‘He can feel Pristine's power increase twofold.’
    • ‘Buybacks jumped nearly twofold in the fiscal year that ended in March, to $23 billion.’
    • ‘The city's population tripled within five years of von Braun's arrival, increased twofold during the following decade, and has been climbing steadily, if less spectacularly, since.’
    • ‘Based on our broader definition of asthma, the prevalence of non-atopic asthma did not change between 1972-6 and 1996, but the prevalence of atopic asthma increased more than twofold.’
    • ‘It is notable that transformation efficiency is increased at least twofold in both wild-type and mutant strains at 36° (data not shown).’
    • ‘The mean number of office-based visits documenting a diagnosis of ADHD among girls tripled in the 1990s, whereas the number for boys increased about twofold.’
    • ‘Just staying still for five minutes burns six calories, but you can increase that twofold by making your bed, fourfold by walking, sixfold by gardening, and ninefold by climbing stairs.’