Definition of twoness in English:



  • The fact or state of being two; duality.

    ‘Tradition requires the carver to give both statuettes the same facial features to emphasize the oneness in their twoness, even if the deceased twins were not identical.’
    • ‘Matrimony reminds us of the earthiness of human clay, breathed upon by God's love, and of the completed, united twoness of our essential nature.’
    • ‘In the condition of human life, we are drawn to the lover, and in spite of our desires for absorption, we can never erase the boundaries of twoness.’
    • ‘It's so much easier to be involved in twoness rather than oneness.’
    • ‘Sometimes twoness refers to the double standard for men and women.’
    • ‘This generic twoness is reflected by other incidents of doubling throughout the novel.’
    • ‘There is a peculiar use of photography in twin rituals that denies the specificity of its naturalism in order to emphasize the oneness in the twoness of twins.’



/ˈto͞onəs/ /ˈtunəs/