Definition of tylopod in English:



  • An even-toed ungulate mammal of a group that comprises the camels, llamas, and their extinct relatives. They are distinguished by bearing their weight on the sole-pads of the feet rather than on the hoofs, and they do not chew the cud.

    Suborder Tylopoda, order Artiodactyla: family Camelidae

    ‘The navicular and cuboid bones of the ankle are not fused, a primitive condition that separates tylopods from the third suborder the Ruminantia.’
    • ‘Living tylopods have a chambered stomach, albeit not as well developed as that seen in the Pecora.’
    • ‘Llamas, as well as alpacas, vicunas, and guanacos are all tylopods, which are in the same family as camels.’
    • ‘Dromedaries are tylopods; according to scientists, although camelids chew their food twice, they are closer to humans than ruminants such as cattle.’
    • ‘Vicuña is a Peruvian name for this tylopod.’



/ˈtīləˌpäd/ /ˈtaɪləˌpɑd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Tylopoda, from Greek tulos ‘knob’ or tulē ‘callus, cushion’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.