Definition of type specimen in English:

type specimen


Botany Zoology
  • The specimen, or each of a set of specimens, on which the description and name of a new species is based.

    See also holotype, syntype

    ‘The above description is based upon the type specimen, USNM 371708, and numerous paratypes in USNM 371699 and 337411.’
    • ‘Marginal protuberances are present in at least four specimens, including the type specimen.’
    • ‘They knew I had caught an animal, and that it had to be new to science: it would become a type specimen, the specimen that is needed for the first scientific description of any new species or genus.’
    • ‘A search for the type specimen of this species has been fruitless and it is presumably lost.’
    • ‘Toms discovered that the primary type specimen is supposed to be at the Oxford University museum, according to information on the Orthoptera Species File.’
    • ‘Nothing specific, however, is known about the continuity or persistence of this zone and Schouppé has mentioned that the type specimen is strongly weathered and the platy external dissepiments were most probably completely eroded.’


type specimen

/tīp ˈspesəmən/ /taɪp ˈspɛsəmən/