Definition of typeface in English:


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  • A particular design of type.

    ‘you're reading a typeface called Dutch’
    • ‘a huge choice of typeface’
    • ‘Some years after that, I was involved in the design of a typeface for displaying text on television screens.’
    • ‘It could mean better on-screen reading of newspaper Web sites, if different typefaces are designed specifically for electronic editions.’
    • ‘They should use a typeface designed specifically for screen display like Arial, Geneva, Verdana, or Georgia.’
    • ‘The new Guardian masthead and typeface is based on Guardian Egyptian - a typeface specially designed by Barnes and Schwartz to combine historical references with European and American typographical excellence.’
    • ‘During the next 500 years, many printers in many lands invented better presses, designed new typefaces, many of great beauty.’



/ˈtīpˌfās/ /ˈtaɪpˌfeɪs/