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  • 1In most cases; usually.

    ‘the quality of work is typically very high’
    • ‘the illness typically lasts five to ten days’
    • ‘Winter annuals can typically be sprayed from late September to early December, weather permitting.’
    • ‘Corn grown following soybeans typically yields about 10 percent more than continuous corn.’
    • ‘Typically, retailers overestimate the share of their customers ' business they have.’
    • ‘Typically they featured a background of pure, flat colour against which ovoid spots of strongly contrasting colour were arranged in patterns that seem random.’
    • ‘Typically, elite athletes alternate between demanding and easy workouts to maximize physical recovery.’
    1. 1.1often as submodifier With the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing.
      ‘typically masculine social roles’
      • ‘a typically English village wedding’
      • ‘The opera's plot is the typically confusing farrago of unrequited love, disguises, nobility pitted against treachery, and everything set right at the very last minute.’
      • ‘Opening with the typically self-doubting complexities, his 'Mystery Song #1' sounds like Eldorado-era Neil Young in places.’
      • ‘A typically flavoursome, well-priced Chardonnay from one of Chile's best wineries, this shows restrained oak and notes of citrus fruit and white peach.’
      • ‘It was a typically sunny February afternoon in Delhi, but I felt a cloud of impenetrable darkness.’
      • ‘This is a typically cowardly Tory decision and just proves what we have said all along.’
    2. 1.2In a way that is characteristic of a particular person or thing.
      ‘David lit up many gatherings with his typically forthright comments’
      • ‘typically, she showed no alarm’
      • ‘Typically, it was from a maul that Combe scored the crucial try which clinched their victory.’
      • ‘Meyer reports typically, "Having lunch after a game of tennis, Condi agreed that Putin was an attractive man who walks like an athlete."’
      • ‘Typically, the Manics are releasing their most personal and least polemical album as the world teeters on its most politically charged precipice for decades.’
      • ‘He has a year remaining on his deal, and the two men typically sit down a year early and work something out.’
      • ‘Magnesium shows up every now and then, although typically in places that aren't evident, as, say, it is used as a structural beam beneath the instrument panel.’



/ˈtipik(ə)lē/ /ˈtɪpɪk(ə)li/