Definition of typo in English:



  • A typographical error.

    • ‘This work is dedicated to Penny Vale who, in addition to listening to my theories of development and readings, waded stoically through reams of printed notes and sheets correcting typos and spelling mistakes.’
    • ‘I'm not going to do as I intended with it because while the name's ‘cute’ (a bit too cute, actually), it's too prone to typos.’
    • ‘The new chair decided to ridicule past documents drawn up which unfortunately contained typos (word processing has not yet reached the person who typed them).’
    • ‘Thank you all for the notification of the various typos that occurred in the draft and one or two more substantive suggestions.’
    • ‘Sorry about all the typos, i'm putting in a request.’
    • ‘The patent claim, riddled with typos and non sequiturs, has already been widely reviled, but if successful could blow a chill through the hand-held industry.’
    • ‘I wish everyone would calm down so I can try and catch up with what's going on and correct some of the thousands of embarrassing typos I'm certain are littering this report.’
    • ‘As it was, there was a smallish core of about half a dozen note takers, usually with one person taking the lead and others chipping in with lost/misheard bits or to correct typos.’
    • ‘Forgive any typos or bad grammar - I'll have a second look at it tomorrow and fix the most obviously horrific mistakes…’
    • ‘And because it was taking longer to go back and fix typos, or edit sentences, I found myself losing track of thoughts, and getting distracted.’
    • ‘I should also point out that it appears that the book is unedited as there are many typos throughout the text, though this may be the typist's fault, I don't know.’
    • ‘And it's badly formatted and probably has a fair few typos.’
    • ‘I will post something substantial in a bit, but I just wanted to clarify that I haven't devoted much time to making fun of typos, as I see it.’
    • ‘Once the plethora of helpful letters correcting typos and punctuation was eliminated, we could just about see over the virtual pile on our desks.’
    • ‘OK, I've typed far too much already, I'm knackered, and I can only hope I've spotted all my typos.’
    • ‘The reason I'm stating this is that in the question you posted not only did I neglect to even reread it for typos but I didn't even sign the letter.’
    • ‘I agree, and those typos really get on my nerves at times.’
    • ‘I must apologies not only for the typos, many of which will have bypassed the spellchecker, but also the appalling structure of parts of it.’
    • ‘There are no amusing typos, which is a notable absence given that mistranslations have been a mainstay of British comedy for decades.’
    • ‘Just a few typos need to be sorted - why it is I don't see the typos until the files have been uploaded I shall never quite understand.’
    • ‘Although he'll no doubt correct any obvious typos that occur.’
    • ‘Feel free to let me know what you think, even if it's just pointing out typos…’
    • ‘They must doubt everything I write with my propensity for typos.’
    • ‘You wouldn't believe how many typos there are in web articles.’
    • ‘Unfortunately two typos in Red Hat's own financial statement make reading the figures more difficult than it should be.’
    • ‘Thank you all for your corrections of the various typos and so on.’
    • ‘I can't even post about it without littering my remarks with typos.’
    misprint, error, mistake, slip, slip of the pen, keyboarding error, keying error, printing error, typesetting error, typing error, typographical error, corrigendum, erratum


Early 19th century abbreviation.