Definition of typographer in English:



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  • ‘The project, which brought together the work of 155 poets, visual artists, calligraphers and typographers from Ireland and Scotland, has a distinctly local input with Carlow artist Bridget Flannery among its contributors.’
  • ‘While many valid points have been brought to light, I've dared to ponder how the original typographers of many great fonts would suffer to know that their work should be left in the confines of an era.’
  • ‘A small team of calligraphers and typographers, led by Frances Breen, then worked in collaboration with the artists to integrate key lines of the poetry into the artworks.’
  • ‘On positive tip, one recent benchmark in the editorial column has to go to Luke Hayman over at New York Magazine who hires typographers as illustrators.’
  • ‘While it may not be ideal, this web site certainly passes the threshold of readability for many readers, including many typographers.’