Definition of tzigane in English:


nounplural noun tzigane, plural noun tziganes

  • A Romani person from central or eastern Europe, particularly Hungary; a Hungarian Gypsy.

    ‘‘It does sound a bit tzigane,’ he concedes. ‘You don't know whether it's happy or unhappy.’’
    • ‘Then back to the city and its vivid smells, the wail of tzigane orchestras, the little dancer of the Orpheum - what was her name?’
    nomadic, itinerant, peripatetic, migratory, migrating, wandering, roaming, roving, wayfaring, rambling, touring, drifting, floating, unsettled, restless, on the move, on the go, on the wing



/(t)siˈɡän/ /(t)sɪˈɡɑn/


Early 19th century via French and Romanian from medieval Greek tsigganos, shortened from Byzantine Greek adigganos, athigganos ‘member of heretical sect’, literally ‘that does not wish to be touched’. Compare with zingaro.