Definition of ubiquitin in English:



  • A compound found in living cells which plays a role in the degradation of defective and superfluous proteins. It is a single-chain polypeptide.

    ‘This suggests that independent protein degradation pathways for ubiquitin, as well as for the proteasome complex, may exist in strawberry fruit.’
    • ‘The protein is linked to a second protein, ubiquitin, when the cell detects that DNA damage has occurred.’
    • ‘Ubp3 is a deubiquitination enzyme and a member of a large family of cysteine proteases that cleave ubiquitin moieties from protein substrates.’
    • ‘Comparison of simulations of the unfolding processes of protein L and ubiquitin suggests that these proteins unfold by a similar structural mechanism.’
    • ‘Ubiquitin is a 7.6kDa protein that is covalently attached to proteins targeted for degradation by ubiquitin ligases.’



/yo͞oˈbikwədən/ /juˈbɪkwədən/


1970s from ubiquitous+ -in.