Definition of uhlan in English:


Pronunciation /o͞oˈlän/ /uˈlɑn/ /ˈ(y)o͞olən/ /ˈ(j)ulən/


  • A cavalryman armed with a lance as a member of various European armies.

    ‘The lancers wore the czapka of the Polish uhlans, the hussars wore the dolmans of Hungarian horsemen.’
    • ‘Both uhlan and czapska derive from Turkish and clearly associate the Polish lancers with origins in Turkey.’
    • ‘The train moved back to Radziwillow, where it was next captured by the uhlans of the 2nd squadron on May 24, 1920.’
    • ‘Soon uhlans as well as the other mounted troops had to abandon their horses and armed with rifles, get into the trenches.’
    • ‘In Army of Duchy of Warsaw there existed ten uhlans regiments.’


Mid 18th century via French and German from Polish (h)ulan, from Turkish oğlan ‘youth, servant’.