Definition of Ukrainian in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Ukraine, or a person of Ukrainian descent.

    • ‘Jews, Ukrainians, and Russians were the most likely to leave.’
    • ‘The current population is primarily Belarusian but also includes Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews.’
    • ‘Their General Denikin made a point of referring to Ukrainians as ‘Little Russians’.’
    • ‘They are followed by other Europeans such as Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians and experts from the Baltic republics.’
    • ‘There are also smaller groups of Ukrainians, Turks, Persians, and Jews.’
    • ‘After Russians and Ukrainians, the Tatars are the most populous ethnic group in the Russian Federation.’
    • ‘Such persons include ethnic Albanians, Kurds from Turkey, Moldovans, Ukrainians and Russians.’
    • ‘They were replaced predominantly by Russians, followed by Ukrainians and Belorussians.’
    • ‘Mennonites, Ukrainians, Polish people and western Europeans came to take up land and build homes and communities.’
    • ‘I think Ukrainians and Russians in general are very big on ‘fitments’.’
    • ‘Ethnic Russians and Ukrainians tend to be Orthodox Christians.’
    • ‘Western Ukrainians are intensely nationalistic and distrustful of Russia.’
    • ‘There is a large community of Russians and smaller communities of Ukrainians, Belarusans, and Finns.’
    • ‘I suppose Ukrainians, Czechs and Hungarians will be for Slovakia.’
    • ‘This province already had a motley mixture of population, including Turks, Tatars, and Ukrainians.’
    • ‘This led some Ukrainians to switch to the Russian Orthodox faith.’
    • ‘Yes, it's 21 nations in the force, the main force being the Spanish, the Ukrainians and the Poles.’
    • ‘The country does have minority groups, including Ukrainians, Germans, and Belorussians.’
    • ‘We encouraged the Ukrainians to seek freedom and to finally end Russian interference in Ukrainian politics.’
  • 2mass noun The Eastern Slavic language of Ukraine, which has about 60 million speakers worldwide.

    • ‘They were a few people who could speak Russian and Polish, but no one who knew some of the more obscure Slavic languages like Ukrainian or Bulgarian.’
    • ‘That makes a big difference from eastern regions, where most city dwellers have only studied Ukrainian as a foreign language in school.’
    • ‘In 1980 less than 17 percent listed their primary language as Ukrainian.’
    • ‘He edited Agapit, a journal of medical history, which is published in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, and English).’
    • ‘Out of it emerged the Russian, Ukrainian, and Byelorussian languages.’
    • ‘Students undergo advanced training in Russian and Ukrainian, among other languages, Tone said.’
    • ‘The Belarusan language is a part of the East Slavic group of languages which includes Ukrainian and Russian.’
    • ‘Does anyone know, or suspect based on substantial evidence (rather than just sheer guesswork), why Ukrainian was the language chosen to be included?’
    • ‘Formerly repressed, Ukrainian and other ethnic languages in Ukraine flourished at the end of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘My first language was Ukrainian and so I got a chance to kind of dig into my roots and put on the accent and wear the nice clothes.’
    • ‘It is said to allow speakers of English, Arabic, Polish, Ukrainian, and Spanish to communicate with each other.’
    • ‘Remarkably he could speak five languages by this time, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, French and German.’
    • ‘In addition to the aforementioned languages, you'll hear German, Polish, Ukrainian, and a host of other languages spoken in other locker rooms around the league.’
    • ‘One concern was that I would be working at camps in Western Ukraine, where - surprise - Ukrainian is primarily spoken.’
    • ‘To many who do not speak Ukrainian, this is a clear example of discrimination.’
    • ‘I went to American schools and had American friends but at home we spoke Ukrainian.’
    • ‘Pupils at Nottingham's Trinity school can speak a wide variety of languages including Polish, Hungarian and Ukrainian.’
    • ‘The Ukrainian dialect was greatly strengthened during, and after, the 18th century when Ukrainian began to overcome Russian as the language of literary choice.’
    • ‘One is that the winners opt to thank their agents and personal trainers in Ukrainian, Cantonese or hesitant Franglais.’
    • ‘They speak a series of dialects that are classified as East Slavic and that are most closely related to Ukrainian.’


  • Relating to Ukraine, its people, or their language.

    • ‘Edmonton and Calgary have become the capitals of Ukrainian dance in North America, thanks to dedicated pioneers, teachers and dancers, 99 per cent of whom are volunteers.’
    • ‘Others were more unusual, like an embroidery class in a Molochansk school where children learned the historical significance of traditional Ukrainian embroidery and how this art form is relevant today.’
    • ‘The loss of Rotan, a huge talent, was deeply felt; but it was the departure of a third player, Oleg Venglinsky - Ukrainian player of the year in 2003-that dominated many of the headlines.’
    • ‘My family's legacy as the most important patrons of Ukrainian culture must be preserved for the people.’
    • ‘There is little doubt that, as Ukrainian political observer Roman Kabchiy phrases it, there is ‘revolutionary enthusiasm’ on the streets today.’
    • ‘Six thousand times higher than normal: that's what experts are saying about the level of dioxin in blood samples from Ukrainian opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko.’
    • ‘Timoshenko, 44, was cheered by peasant women with gold teeth and wearing headscarves as she took to the stage in a black designer coat and pearl earrings and passionately denounced the price of salo, Ukrainian pork fat.’
    • ‘In May, Ukraine's fiery prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, accused Russian oil companies of colluding to raise prices at Ukrainian gasoline pumps and pushed to introduce price caps.’
    • ‘On some issues Yushchenko may be a better potential president than Yanukovich, but to suggest that he would provide a sea change in Ukrainian politics and economic management is naïve.’
    • ‘Comeback kid Michael Bridges put a near two-year nightmare behind him to set up Leeds United's slender 1-0 victory over Ukrainian minnows Metalurg Zaporizhia.’
    • ‘Kenny is likely to stick with international striker Glen Crowe in attack alongside promising Ukrainian teenager Andrei Pereplyotkin with Paul Keegan and Robbie Doyle again on the bench.’
    • ‘Yushchenko and Tymoshenko quickly gained popularity as a breath of fresh air in Ukrainian politics, but they angered Kuchma because they began to obstruct the murky business dealings of some of his most powerful allies.’
    • ‘And at the same time, it's essential, because of what is now happening in Ukraine, that we indicate a willingness to be responsive to Ukrainian aspirations.’
    • ‘Timoshenko, seen as one of the best media performers in Ukrainian politics, was thrown into the lions' den of a live TV discussion programme on Ukraine's main Russian-language channel.’
    • ‘Then, it was a stationary tourist attraction designed to venerate the success of his grandparents, two lovestruck Ukrainian immigrants who built one of Canada's first sideshows.’
    • ‘Popular equestrian attractions include the heart stopping Ukrainian Cossacks and hunt chase teams, the fast and exciting Pony Club games and elegant dressage demonstrations.’
    • ‘Levens Choir are holding an Autumn Concert in aid of Ukrainian street children at St Thomas's Church, Kendal, on Tuesday.’
    • ‘When Ruslana, the most famous Ukrainian singer, and heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitchko joined Victor Yushchenko on the podium, the crowd went wild.’
    • ‘That proposal met strong resistance from some Ukrainian officials keen instead to ship Caspian crude oil from the Black Sea to Europe, but TNK-BP lobbied hard and is now a major shipper on that route.’
    • ‘This is a great victory of all people who have been standing at the square, a great victory for Ukrainian democracy.’