Definition of ultrafilter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəltrəˌfiltər/

noun & verb

See ultrafiltration

‘Posner's proof of this result in his 1960 paper was rather unclear, and a clearer proof was given by S. Amitsur in 1967 using ultrafilters, a concept borrowed from logic.’
  • ‘Then S is an isomorphism onto a BA of subsets of the set X of all ultrafilters on A.’
  • ‘The first method involved centrifuging an aqueous albumin sample at 5000 g for 2 h through a Centricon - 10 ultrafilter (Amicon, Beverly, MA, USA).’
  • ‘The polymers at first were concentrated inside the wall, which acted as an ultrafilter.’
  • ‘The nexine is an ultrafilter membrane, which is impermeable to most proteins.’