Definition of ultrafiltration in English:



  • Filtration using a medium fine enough to retain colloidal particles, viruses, or large molecules.

    ‘The procedure for the isolation of PHU from freshly collected male urine included filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse-phase chromatography.’
    • ‘The procedure for the preparation of CDA-II from male urine includes filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse-phase chromatography.’
    • ‘The ultrafiltration molecular weight separation transforms the product into 50 percent protein, allowing smaller molecular weight particles like minerals and lactose to pass through a screen while the protein is retained.’
    • ‘The supernatant was desalted by centrifugal gel filtration and concentrated by ultrafiltration as previously described.’
    • ‘Specific processing by microfiltration, ion exchange and ultrafiltration can concentrate GMP in whey protein to 70 to 80 percent.’



/ˌəltrəfilˈtrāSH(ə)n/ /ˌəltrəfɪlˈtreɪʃ(ə)n/