Definition of ultranationalism in English:



  • Extreme nationalism that promotes the interests of one state or people above all others.

    ‘the president is fanning the flames of ultranationalism’
    • ‘Anti-immigrant policies become respectable, and the extreme right's ultranationalism appears relevant.’
    • ‘Any such prolonged crisis might condition people to respond to fascist-style appeals: ultranationalism, revolutionary fever, antirationalism, a mystic faith in a strong leader.’
    • ‘But the provision gave them rights without any responsibilities, reinforced ultranationalism within the ruling party, and limited the development of interethnic trust.’
    • ‘Were the latter not to negotiate between phenomenalism and theoreticism in such a manner, it would be forced to yield to either ideology or language, to either neocolonialism or ultranationalism.’
    • ‘He identifies this ideology as being essentially about ultranationalism, and the core goal as creating a ‘mobilized national community’.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is clear that they are very uncomfortable with the current blend of religious zealotry and ultranationalism.’
    • ‘Although it is painful to accept, some who speak in our name in Europe have contributed to the strengthening of radical ultranationalism.’
    • ‘It orders ultranationalism and militarist sections in textbooks of other subjects blacked out.’
    • ‘But xenophobia and ultranationalism have always been fomented by dictatorships which run out of ideology.’
    • ‘The militarism and ultranationalism of this ideology needs no further testimony.’
    • ‘He was only making the statement to placate the frothy, emotional ultranationalism that has reared its ugly head these past few years.’



/ˌəltrəˈnaSHənəˌlizəm/ /ˌəltrəˈnæʃənəˌlɪzəm/