Definition of ultrarunning in English:



  • The sport or activity of competing in ultramarathons.

    ‘in the world of ultrarunning, women outperforming men isn't surprising’
    • ‘Yes, ultrarunning is agonizing, torturous - maybe a little insane.’
    • ‘Up until recently, there's been no fame or glory for ultrarunning, which shows little sign of becoming a mass phenomenon.’
    • ‘I never claimed to be an authority on ultrarunning or necessarily a good ultrarunner.’
    • ‘Sometime in the late 1980s, he also became intrigued with the potential of ultrarunning as an avenue to fulfillment, enlightenment and health.’
    • ‘If she manages to pull off a Fitz win, she will be ultrarunning's first three-time national champion in a single year.’
    • ‘Fueling yourself properly is a key component to ultrarunning.’
    • ‘His interest in ultrarunning began in 1991, when he witnessed a race at the University of Colorado.’
    • ‘Given the inherent dangers of ultrarunning, did the group's extreme "run through it" philosophy blind them to obvious suffering in their friend?’
    • ‘Trason's experience illuminates an important ultra-fact: Despite being called ultrarunning, this sport involves a fair amount of walking.’
    • ‘Ultrarunning requires the ability to endure often extreme discomfort, he said; but most notably, it's about keeping the mind fresh and surging through discouragement.’



/ˈəltrəˌrəniNG/ /ˈəltrəˌrənɪŋ/