Definition of ultrasaurus in English:



  • A late Jurassic dinosaur related to the brachiosaurus, known from only a few bones but probably the tallest animal ever, and possibly the heaviest at up to 130 tons.

    Genus Ultrasaurus, infraorder Sauropoda, order Saurischia

    ‘Many of the sauropods are closely related and perhaps you are correct in thinking ultrasaurus is just a massive brachiosuar but this is doubtful.’
    • ‘But scientists have taken a second look and surmise that ultrasaurus could be the remains of a huge brachiosaur and supersaurus mixed together.’
    • ‘When I was about 5 I had a dinosaur book and there was a page with a silhouette drawing of a man standing beside an ultrasaurus leg.’
    • ‘All in all, I think it's easier to stick with ultrasaurus.’
    • ‘Jensen named the Ultrasaurus in 1985 (meaning "Ultra lizard").’



/ˌəltrəˈsôrəs/ /ˌəltrəˈsɔrəs/ /ˈəltrəˌsôrəs/ /ˈəltrəˌsɔrəs/


Modern Latin, from Latin ultra ‘beyond’ + Greek sauros ‘lizard’.