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  • Of or involving sound waves with a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing.

    ‘The team bombarded this liquid with sound waves tuned to ultrasonic frequencies that caused wide variations in pressure in the fluid.’
    • ‘She successfully destroyed two dozen hostile ghosts with ultrasonic sound waves and laser grids.’
    • ‘Others, like the tiger moth, hear the bat and emit a jamming signal in the ultrasonic frequency spectrum.’
    • ‘Once the blade struck something, it would vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency, making the gash even bigger.’
    • ‘Researchers theorize that there could be an evolutionary explanation for the frog's ultrasonic hearing.’
    • ‘The ultrasonic flow meter is particularly well suited for this purpose, as the exhaled air is not trapped or filtered.’
    • ‘Then, using an electronic compass and ultrasonic sensors, it cuts the area about 10 times, ensuring a minimum of missed patches.’
    • ‘Mounted on the rear number plate and automatically activated in reverse gear, two ultrasonic sensors can detect obstacles up to 100 cm behind the car.’
    • ‘There are ultrasonic sensors used to monitor weld quality.’
    • ‘There are four sets of ultrasonic sensors for detecting the opponent at a distance and four contact sensors on its sides which are triggered when contact is made.’
    • ‘Occupancy sensors come in two basic types: infrared and ultrasonic.’
    • ‘This is because the ultrasonic sensor was located apart from the buoy in the neighborhood of the coast that may have reduced the energy of the waves.’
    • ‘Coupled with the use of electromagnetic and ultrasonic detectors, excavations to find utilities could be faster and safer.’
    • ‘They become aware of their environment and learn by a process of trial and error not to hit things their ultrasonic sensor tells them lie in front of them.’
    • ‘A wave sensor with canted ultrasonic beams also measures wave direction.’
    • ‘Warwick also hopes to wire himself up to a ultrasonic sensor, used by robots to navigate around objects, to give himself a bat-like sixth sense.’
    • ‘A wide range of joining technologies is used, from laser and ultrasonic welding to adhesives.’
    • ‘Flashing lights and beeping ultrasonic sensors ensure that touchdown is accomplished without injury to vehicle or passenger.’
    • ‘Static and dynamic obstacle detection is supplemented by an array of ultrasonic sensors.’
    • ‘Prof Warwick also hopes to wire himself up to a ultrasonic sensor, to give himself a bat-like sixth sense.’



/ˌəltrəˈsänik/ /ˌəltrəˈsɑnɪk/