Definition of ultraviolet lamp in English:

ultraviolet lamp


  • A lamp with a bulb that produces ultraviolet light.

    ‘The inside of the shooting room could be illuminated with a 60-watt incandescent lamp or a 40-watt ultraviolet lamp.’
    • ‘Chow said that SARS has rescued a few poor-performing traditional manufacturers including Taiwan Fluorescent Lamp Co, whose ultraviolet lamps boast virus-killing capability and have been selling well recently.’
    • ‘However, when the shooting room was lighted by the ultraviolet lamp and the lights in the darkroom were turned off, the participant could see only the incoming ball (ball-only condition).’
    • ‘For the ball-only condition, the lights of the darkroom were also turned off and the interior of the shooting room was lighted by the ultraviolet lamp.’
    • ‘We put higher-powered ultraviolet lamps in the Anthrax-killing device, so more hydroxyl radicals are produced, giving it an extra kick.’
    • ‘Other suggestions included supplying waterless hand sanitizers, germ-killing paper towels and facial tissues, and antimicrobial soaps and installing ultraviolet lamps in ventilation systems to kill germs and disinfect the air.’
    • ‘Reflection or ultraviolet lamps have no effect.’
    • ‘These ultraviolet lamps make nits glow in the dark.’
    • ‘Newer models of heating and cooling systems feature ultraviolet lamps that destroy harmful mold, fungi and bacteria.’
    • ‘The salinity of the water was also tested while ultraviolet lamps were used in accordance with government instructions.’
    • ‘Phospholipids were visualized under ultraviolet lamp, after spraying with 2 - (p-toluidinyl) naphthylene - 6-sulfonic acid.’
    • ‘The crickets had all been marked with small spots of fluorescent paint on the pronota and hind femora so that they could be more easily spotted at night by using a portable ultraviolet lamp.’
    • ‘Montgomery cited the following tools useful to the collector or curator: a magnifying glass, camera, microscope, ultraviolet lamp, and occasionally access to X-ray apparatus.’
    • ‘Walker's Minerals was a favorite, and there he purchased his first mineral specimens, a Clay Center fluorite and an Arkansas wavellite, as well as an ultraviolet lamp and a rock hammer.’
    • ‘An ultraviolet lamp that kills spores and other bacteria can be added to the air handling system, but indoor air experts including Shaughnessey question its effectiveness.’
    • ‘Running them in quartz glassware next to your ultraviolet lamp is one extreme, since quartz lets it all through and spares not.’
    • ‘After they're printed, the parts are touched up, trimmed of excessive supporting material, and put under an ultraviolet lamp for further hardening.’
    • ‘Anhedral specks, grains, and nuggets can be found with no difficulty, particularly at night with an ultraviolet lamp.’
    • ‘Once the droplet assumes the desired form, a few minutes under an ultraviolet lamp polymerizes the liquid into a hard lens.’
    • ‘Basal, using an ultraviolet lamp at night on the dumps, also reports finding scheelite as anhedral blebs.’