Definition of umbrella tree in English:

umbrella tree


  • Either of two small trees or shrubs with leaves or leaflets arranged in umbrella-like whorls.

    (also 'umbrella magnolia') a North American magnolia (Magnolia tripetala, family Magnoliaceae)
    an Australian plant that is widely grown elsewhere as a houseplant (Schefflera actinophylla, family Araliaceae)

    ‘Tulip tree, American beech, sugar maple, umbrella tree, and cucumber tree dominate here.’
    • ‘The poster-calendar features 24 of the most harmful environmental weeds, including wandering jew, camphor laurel, orange jessamine, umbrella tree, asparagus fern and morning glory.’
    • ‘Moist woodland on the lower mountain slopes and extending down to streams that meander in the valleys contains tulip poplar, sweet gum, and umbrella tree (a magnolia).’
    • ‘The Queensland umbrella tree is a versatile plant that works well in areas with little light - Carter suggests placing them in front of or actually inside a fireplace as a focal point.’
    • ‘School wasn't very far away, and it wasn't long before he parked the car in his usual spot, under the big umbrella tree.’


umbrella tree

/ˌəmˈbrelə trē/ /ˌəmˈbrɛlə tri/