Definition of umma in English:



(also ummah)
  • The whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion.

    ‘In Medina, Mohammed established an ummah, a Muslim community, with every aspect of life - political, religious, social and economic - subject to Islamic teaching.’
    • ‘It has always been the view and practice of a great portion of the Muslim ummah to perform their salâh according to the Hanafi fiqh.’
    • ‘Nor is it hard to understand why they are seen as artefacts of a distant past: they explicitly seek to recreate a pre-modern society, that of the umma at the time of the Prophet Mohammed in the seventh century.’
    • ‘The same puritanical tendency has been revived by militant groups today, who exclude lax or nominal Muslims from their definition of the umma, the world-wide community of believers.’
    • ‘The Muslim ummah (transnational community of believers) from the Maghreb to Malacca is marked by ethnic, economic, doctrinal, cultural, and political differences.’
    • ‘The Muslim ummah is the religious identity and not a political identity.’
    • ‘I hope that you and people in positions such as yourself can understand and appreciate this problem so that Insha-Allah the Muslim community can grow with both converts and born Muslims as a single ummah.’
    • ‘We, as a Muslim ummah, have to learn to sacrifice our ego in our community, tolerate difference of opinions within the boundaries of the Qur'an and Sunnah and we should not compete in raising our level of living and wealth.’
    • ‘To not accept the loan would mean not attending the program, and not achieving a noble end, i.e. to help the Muslim ummah.’
    • ‘The Muslim ummah is looking at its leaders and governments.’
    • ‘Among the Muslim ummah today, one unfortunately finds people who go to extremes in regards to the status of hadeeth.’
    • ‘While it's hard or impossible for the whole ummah to meet on the same feasting day, it's not hard for the people of one country to do so.’
    • ‘The ummah became more fragmented than ever and became even more receptive to Western cultural penetration.’
    • ‘During prayers, the ummah, the community of all Muslims, forms an Islamic ornament, and we were kneeling only a dozen steps away from the centre of this living pattern.’
    • ‘Membership in the community of Muslims, the umma, is in principle open to whoever submits to God, the meaning of Islam.’



/ˈo͝omə/ /ˈʊmə/


Arabic, literally ‘people, community’.